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We breathe innovation

By creating innovative products and services, you can meet emerging customer needs, solve problems in more effective ways, and even shape new markets.

Furthermore, innovation often results in improved operational efficiencies, cost reduction and sustainable development, ensuring a strong position in the long term.

Therefore, the continuous pursuit of innovation not only drives success in terms of the market, but also contributes to economic and social progress on a global scale.


Ideas that deserve to be in the world, taking off towards a future of innovations.

A platform already integrated with eSocial Doméstico that generates automatic calculations of payment receipts, vacations, terminations and much more for domestic household management.


Recruiting employees, controlling working hours, issuing daily pay slips automatically with an exceptional support team.

Using artificial intelligence, the tool instructs optimizations in essays for ENEM students and automates corrections for educational institutions.

Climb and compete in the biggest championships in the world with friends and thousands of other gamers in exchange for improvements and prizes.

A platform that uses artificial intelligence for unique statistical predictions. Serves players from Cartola, Rei do Pitaco and Premium League.

An online portal that helps people advance their court orders quickly, safely and profitably through 4 simple steps.

A subscription service for reserving workspaces and time management for companies with flexible working arrangements.

Smart software for SEO and keyword monitoring on the Google SERP. It has a plugin for WordPress blogs.

A platform designed to help create, optimize and manage ads on Mercado Livre more quickly, efficiently and profitably.

Why do we innovate?

We believe in the opportunity to experience the possibilities that technology provides through two main pillars.

Única is committed to people. We observe what they experience and listen carefully to what they have to say. Therefore, we have developed the ability to propose solutions to the most diverse practical day-to-day issues through digital platforms that generate a great impact. This is our essence: transforming lives through digital.
Maristela Garcias

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