AI & Bots

Implementation of robots and chatbots using the concepts of artificial intelligence, training and learning, in a simple way, and seeking greater efficiency in the automation process.


The concept of AI refers to the creation of machines, physical or virtual, with the ability to think and act like humans. These machines are made up of software that can abstract, create, deduce and learn. The main objective, normally, is to facilitate day-to-day tasks and modernize industries. 

Artificial intelligence is a broad concept that, in addition to machine learning, includes technologies such as natural language processing, neural networks, inference algorithms and deep learning. 

Always with the idea of ​​simulating human capabilities linked to intelligence (reasoning, perception of the environment and the ability to analyze decisions for decision-making, among others).

Use of AI

AI can help simplify analysis processes and facilitate data-based decision making, by providing clarity to “hazy” or “confusing” data.

An AI solution is capable of using algorithms to suggest goods that match analyzed consumer profiles.

It can be used to obtain information in reports, as there are already text mining algorithms capable of analyzing documents and locating information in them.

AI contributes to the automation of logical and analytical activities and imposes much greater speed in the processing of information, reducing errors and risks involved in processes. It can be used to monitor machines and computer systems and can be a great ally in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions. 

From the analysis of content obtained, it can discover bottlenecks, flaws and other weaknesses in the company's processes, this makes it easier to map risks, and even opportunities, with low-cost analysis processes.

Chatbot & AI

Artificial Intelligence can optimize the service offered to the public, providing more efficient communication and increasing the agility of transactions. This reduces loss related to poor customer service.

When combined with the chatbot, it promotes great optimization, making the bot respond better to consumer questions based on analyzes carried out on the content of the dialogues, bringing fluidity to the conversation and a much more pleasant interactive experience for consumers.

Doubts? Contact us

Doubts? Contact us

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